Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

We Wilsons have been sick, but we still managed to have ourselves a great weekend! There was much fun and frolicking going on with good friends in the sunshine. Brendan worked from home on Friday, so the Small Human and I were free to abduct daddy for breaks. We had a bubble tea and haircut break, where someone got the second haircut of his life. He was such a good boy in that salon chair, I was so proud! After that we got to play in the mall playground and bumped into some friends, which was very nice.

Saturday brought with it some laryngitis for Momie, but a fun day ending with dinner with good friends and early pillaging of Easter baskets. Sunday however, was what Small Human had truly been waiting for: Auntie Robyn's Easter Egg Hunt! We all seriously had the best time. My little boy got so spoiled this Easter Sunday, he even found the elusive golden egg and won himself some super cute bunny socks. All day after that, he kept asking for "Easter again? Egg hunt again?" I'd say that as parents, we were winning today for the creation of good childhood memories.

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your families and friends too! Happy Easter Monday!

Feeding the chickens!

Signaling left?

My two babies

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