Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Get Used to The Awkward

When you become a parent and your kid starts going to activities and classes, it's almost like you yourself are going back to school again. You have to learn how to interact with different personality types, react to and deal with people from other upbringings, and these things can sometimes bring challenges to your day to day life. Most of the time they enrich your life, but there are times when it can lead people to butt heads.

I have learned (and am still learning) to try to let things roll off my back a bit more. If I'm going to be completely honest, I'm the kind of person who gets offended pretty easily, and I tend to dwell on the negative things people say and do. I also have sooooo much trouble acting normally the next time I see the person I had a parenting run-in with. I'm a terrible liar, there is no way I can act like I'm ok with a parenting style or technique when I'm really not, especially if you are subjecting my child to it. I probably won't like you very much anymore after that, either. (I said I was still learning!)

There isn't one single, perfect way to raise a kid, and I'm very open to everyone's ideologies, but I try to respect the rules of the classroom or the home that we are in above all else. Small Human took a toy from another little boy in class on Monday, and instead of using the classroom rules of implementing distraction, a grandma took the toy back and gave it to her grandson, explaining that he shouldn't take toys and her grandson wasn't finished with it yet. There was an identical toy sitting right in front of them, so I politely explained that there are multiples of toys for this exact reason, and they don't completely understand yet that taking things is wrong. I was met with a snarky, "I know, I've raised three of my own".

Moms, don't, I repeat, do not ever use that phrase on a mom who is newer at this than you. Thirty years have passed since she did it, things change, and it doesn't make her better than the newbies. While I have so much respect for moms who have successfully raised children into adulthood, I don't think it gives them the right to lord it over us new moms as if we're a bunch of idiots. That was definitely a good lesson for me to learn too, cause I can sometimes be a bit of a know-it-all. Anyway, now I have to learn how to deal with the awkwardness of that exchange in subsequent classes. I just have to remind myself that this is such a first world problem to have, and that in the grand scheme of things, life is great, the kids will learn to share, grow up, and life goes on! Gosh do I hate being awkward, though.

Happy Tuesday!

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