Friday, April 24, 2015


Today I had to make a decision between napping with my rapidly growing son, or putting him down for a nap so I could: do a couple loads of laundry, pick up the toys, eat lunch, and do a prenatal workout. I am pleased with my choice of napping with my cute little monkey, even if I got kicked in the sternum twice in a row. I have trouble saying no to him when he says "Fweep with mommy peese?" and then insists on holding me tight, cause how long is my little boy going to want to nap with me? For the blink of an eye, that's how long. It was a lovely, much needed, three and a half hour nap, and we both woke up refreshed and no longer super crabby!

It's an all day pajama kind of day, the recycling and garbage need to be taken out, and the apartment is in a state of utter toy chaos, but it's Friday and we're happy, there are plenty of snacks and there is no hurry. :)

Have a happy weekend everybody!

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