Wednesday, April 8, 2015

36 Is The New Who Cares?

In a week's time, I will be 36 years old. That places me firmly in my mid thirties, which is one step closer to my late thirties. I had a slight problem accepting this for a couple weeks for some reason. That's when I realized that I don't actually care, it's society that makes me feel like I should. We place so much importance on youth and more specifically on looking youthful. So if I feel young and look young, I shouldn't have an issue with turning 36, right?

I will never hide my age from people; I will wear the number I have reached with pride and gratitude; and I will live my life with the same exuberance I always have. Nothing has changed other than the fact that I have some more experience under my belt. I'm happy and I'm at peace with myself. Truly.

So bring on the birthday celebrations people! I may have a cold, but ready or not, it's time for my birthday!

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