Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Second Time Around

I now know that my first pregnancy was some magical unicorn mythical dream type of pregnancy. I wondered what people were talking about when they complained all the time and were completely miserable. Once, I was even accused of lying about my happiness (by some person I didn't give two shakes about anyway). To me, pregnancy was wonderful and perfect and I was mostly happily content. I had the pregnancy glow, the thick, glorious head of hair, and little to no nausea or aches and pains.

The second time around has been very different. First and foremost, above all else, I am so thankful and relieved to be pregnant again and that my baby is healthy and growing and right on track. Everything else has been noticeably more difficult, however. When I hit the 6 week mark I was also hit with a wall of nausea that was so debilitating I had to be put on morning sickness medication (it's just vitamin B12 and antihistamine), and am still on it. I recently forgot to take my pills and thought I was past the first trimester nausea, so I stopped taking them, but ended up suffering and unable to stand or eat two days later.

Baby and I will be 17 weeks tomorrow but I look more like I am 27 weeks along! Mostly, I think it's kind of funny, but I find it less funny when people keep telling me how huge they think I am. I know, I own several mirrors, you don't have to keep reminding me. Luckily, as compensation my pregnancy glow came back. I was worried I'd have ugly skin for the duration of my pregnancy. Sadly though, there are more complaints this time around: my hair is gross; I suddenly have terrible dandruff; I'm having groin pains; I sometimes get really bad gas pains at night that make me feel like I'm dying; I'm so, so, so irritable at the world; and am starting to have pregnancy insomnia. Add chasing a toddler all day to this list, and trying to engage him and still have fun every day, and that pretty much sums up being pregnant with Blasto #2.

I am exhausted, cranky, but also very happy somehow. I guess it's just life, right? There are humans around the world right now having a much tougher time than I am, to put it lightly, so I'm trying to keep things in perspective as much as I can.

Keep a lookout for a bump picture update in the coming days. ;) Happy Thursday.

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