Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Always Surprising

My two year old loves the movie Frozen. We jumped on the Frozen train a little late because the movie came out the year he was born, so he busy mastering things like, standing and walking and pushing teeth out of his gums.

Now he thinks it's the coolest (haha so punny) thing ever and asks for it every day. Now, because I have no desire to watch it everyday, I figured I'd try to find some other Frozen related activities he could take part in that would entertain him as well.

Amazon sells a Frozen Ultimate sticker activity kit for eleven bucks that my Small Human seems super into. I have to help him take some of the stickers out because they're adhered to that annoying, thin backing that rips apart if you're not careful (troublesome for all toddlers).

To my surprise, he was entertained for an hour! Not only that, but he shocked me with his knowledge of shapes. "Dat a circle mommy. Dat a rec-a-tangle." Then there was a diamond shaped sticker and he said, "Shape, mommy! Rhombus!" I had a total WTF, you've actually been listening and learning this whole time, moment. It was a nice moment in an otherwise yucky day, and that is what I would like to remember in years to come.

Still sick, but my voice is sort of back! Have a great day everybody. My two year old knows what a rhombus is, holy moly, so proud.

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