Monday, March 9, 2015

Meh, It's Monday

It's a bit of a cranky Monday for me even though we had a really nice and relaxing weekend, but that one hour time change really got to me. We didn't make it to the toddler class because of my extreme exhaustion and crappy parking karma, so we ended up going to the park instead.

It was still fun, and we managed to make it out unscathed even though Small Human was being extra adventurous. It is such a gorgeous, sunny day in Seattle that we had fun walking around and exploring, we even went on a hunt for mini M&M's. We failed to find M&M's but I did manage to tire out the little monkey in the process. His favourite thing to do now is wave and say hi to each and every single person we pass. He's such a people person!

I see more gallivanting in our future this afternoon, perhaps even in a summer dress? (Avec jean jacket probably) Hooray for spring!

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