Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nervous Breakdown Day

Friday was the first day of spring, a solar eclipse and the super moon. Oh and it was allegedly "Happiness Day" whatever the hell that means. If I sound a little jaded and cynical, that's because Friday really, truly, royally sucked for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for the health of my family, among other things, but sometimes there are just crappy days and you learn to live with them.

All my bad days happen to fall on rainy days, which I know is no coincidence. Anyway, today's a new (sunny) day, but here are a few things that happened yesterday that nearly caused me to lose my marbles.

1. Small Human and I had a fight about watching tv. There was an epic tantrum but I won, and he ended up happy afterwards.

2. I had five loads of laundry to tackle (I thought it was seven!) because I've been tired and lazy, and also taking my son out on more adventures because of his boundless energy. Laundry is sneaky.

3. After getting the third load washed and dried, I started the washer up for another load, went to get the load, and discovered a boy putting all the freshly dried laundry back into the water filled washer. Aaargh!!!

4. There was time out punishment in his room and many loud tears. When I finally went to get him, his room was a total disaster zone, with everything turned on its side, and the printer that lives in his bedroom ripped apart with the paper thrown everywhere. More aaarrgh!

5. This crabby mommy now had a crabby baby. To fix things, I thought I'd make chicken nuggets and watch a movie with my boy. After a few minutes I detected a strange smell, looked over at my oven and saw little black bits floating around in the air. I got up to look at the oven and there were flames in it, growing by the second! After the situation was under control, I discovered several charred, owl sticker remains in the bottom of our oven. I wonder who put them there? Also, who knew little stickers could burst into such huge flames?

6. By this point I was at my wits end and thoroughly exhausted. My toddler only wanted to whine and howl and hang off me, and all I wanted was to sleep, not see his face, and hear silence. I called the restaurant by my house that makes poutine so I could order some takeout and save what was left of my sanity. I was put on hold, and they hung up on me.

7. I broke down in tears.

8. My very kind and understanding mama friends Postmated me over, a ton of poutine. (You have my heart forever, btw)

9. Brendan came home. I fell asleep. Spent the whole night getting kicked in the spine by my toddler.

10. Wrote a blog post about it on Saturday morning.

11. Will be escaping my toddler to go for a relaxing, pampering facial in the afternoon.

12. Will hopefully enjoy a nice, spring weekend.

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