Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#1 and #2

On Sunday, Small Human peed in the potty. I think it was a bit of a surprise and caught him off guard, because he was whining and crying while sitting on his little blue potty chair before bath time, and was immediately silenced when the pee came out. So obvi, we danced, and high fived, and yayed our faces off at him.

Maybe something clicked that night, because on Tuesday afternoon, he came up to me to tell me he needed to poo. He kept squatting in front of me and looked quite desperate, so I brought him to the potty. As soon as I had his diaper off, he sat down and immediately pooped. I threw the kid a huge parade! I whooped for joy, I marched around happily clapping and sang "Yayyy, poo poo in the potty like a big boy!" As if I wasn't completely grossed out by the fact that I had to clean smelly, human feces from a hard, white, plastic bucket very shortly.

I never thought I'd ever be reduced to such absurdity, but I don't care, I was so proud! So I guess this is it, the beginning of the terrifying world of Potty Training. God help me.

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