Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Summer Camp

My baby is going to toddler summer camp for the months of July and August! I don't know what I'm more excited for; the fact that he will probably have a blast, or that I will get three, four hour mornings off a week for two whole months.

What really hooked me were their different themes that change every two weeks. The first two weeks they'll be focusing on a "chef series" complete with aprons, and some hilarious toddler cooking that Small Human is sure to love. He loves cooking in the kitchen with me and getting to use tools, so the first series will be right up his alley. They've also got an art series, beach series, and lastly an Eric Carl/circus series, where they get to ride ponies on the last day of camp. Did they even have anything this cool when we were two years old?!

This will be our first taste of drop off school, so it will be both exciting and bittersweet. I'm probably going to show up early at pickup so I can spy on him having fun. I'm totally that mom, and I don't care.

A big, big thank you to Robyn who told us about this awesome summer camp! I'm glad he'll get to be with a friend there, that's always a comforting thought. They can beat up on each other at camp and scandalize the other toddlers with their rough-housing. I can't believe we've reached this stage, Robyn! *tear*

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