Monday, March 2, 2015

Preschool in The Fall

It's official, my little boy will be going to preschool in September. His spot is secured and he and I actually cheered when I got the confirmation. It's not the hugest deal in the world, just the gradual progression of life, but I feel good about it!

Small Human loves this preschool understandably, because they've got everything he likes. There's a mini post office for the toddlers, a small play structure and mats, little cars and trikes, a sand table, a train table, a library nook, different art projects, and a whole bunch of musical instruments that he can play with freely.

He will have a great time, learning, playing, and making new friends, and mommy will love watching it, while also getting some time for herself. YES. Everybody wins! I had my doubts at first, because he's a baby, so why isn't being with his mom good enough? But the thing is that he is just so bright and curious and eager, that it would be cruel not to let him grow and develop beyond what just I can provide for him.

When I told him we got into preschool he punched the air and said, "Yayyy!". Ah I love him.

Happy Monday!

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