Thursday, March 26, 2015

What a Great Day!

It makes the hugest difference in the world when it's sunny, and you have good friends who kindly take your toddler off your hands for the whole morning. Small Human was out and about today from 9 til 1, frolicking on the beach with friends. Now he is peacefully napping in his bed.

The superhuman amount of things I can get done without my son around is astounding. How did I not accomplish more in life before baby?! I enjoyed a lovely, wrangle-free, admonishment-free morning with my husband, and now I'm reading in the sunshine (READING) with a cup of tea. To most people, that is a normal part of their day, but for me it feels like I'm some lady of leisure in a fancy soap opera.

Life feels grand and I'm totally full of gratitude for all of it. Ahhhhh. May you all have a happy Thursday everyone! (It's 21 degrees Celsius, 70F here!)

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