Saturday, August 24, 2013

Psycho Mommy, Qu'est-ce que Skincare

Fa fa fa fa... I know you were singing it in your head, -I was! Alright, while no one has ever actually called me a psycho mommy (to my face), I sometimes feel guilty of it. I guess I'm pretty middle of the road when it comes to baby germs. Like, I don't sweat it too much if Noah's pacifier falls on the ground. Then there's the fact that he crawls around on the same carpet that our rabbits run around on. I know some mommies who would barf at the idea that I let my son crawl around on my dirty rabbit carpets, I'm hoping this will just strengthen his immunity. *crossing fingers*

When it comes to baby skin products though, you can be sure that I will research the crap out of it, no matter how painstaking, until I find the best and healthiest choices for my little bean!

2 month old Noah
A friend of mine informed me of this awesome website that has helped out many a conscious mommy and sensitive skinned person, called Skin Deep ( You can essentially type in the name of any skincare product to find out its toxicity or non-toxicity score.

It's totally true too, I looked up a few lip balms I've used and have had to throw away, and it turns out that my lips seem to have an allergic reaction to anything that scores higher than a 1, which is considered very low hazard.

One day, I decided to look up every single thing in our house, and now anything I apply, lather on, or put in close proximity to Noah, is guaranteed, 100% safe. He hasn't displayed any signs of sensitivity to anything anyway, but why court danger, however mild, if I have the knowledge and power to prevent it right?

Some of the safe products we use on Small Human:

  • All of The Honest Company's products that we use score either 0 or 1 on Skin Deep. Noah's been using their products pretty much from birth. The shampoo and body wash is great (but it would be better in pump form!) and smells delicious. We also use their sunscreen, Healing Balm, hand soap, hand sanitizer, travel wipes, sponges, stain remover, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, dryer cloths, and of course, their super cute biodegradable diapers. I will be dedicating a post to diapering and will most likely be raving about Honest's awesome diapers in the days to come.
  • Babo Botanicals sunscreen and their Calming Moisturizing Lotion. Not only do they have the cutest labels ever, (a cute little bunny rabbit!) but they're also a low hazard of 1, which is normal for lotion, but impressive for sunscreen. I love the sunscreen because it smells like green apples, and doesn't take a million years to rub into your squirmy child's skin. I found out that my Neutrogena SPF 55 I had been using, scored a whopping 7, so mommy and daddy now only use the unfortunately pricey La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen, which is a 3.

  • Mustela Products are also a favourite, ever since Noah's Auntie Natalie got him a gift basket full of them. Of the whole line though, we have repurchased the No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid about three times now cause we love it so much. It scores a 3 on Skin Deep, and an A+ in my book, because it makes my babe smell so nice and fresh between baths, and it has never irritated his skin anywhere on his little body.
Small Human, enjoying the wading pool. Hats are important!
Noah's is made of a sun protection fabric.

Noah's Links:

The Honest Co.

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