Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hape Minivan Toy
I really never thought that I would be that mother who didn't want her son to play with plastic toys. We do have one or two plastic toys that he likes, but we don't keep them in heavy rotation. I definitely try not to push my views on anyone else, so whatever you choose to do, -great! But it's the choice we made, and we're pretty happy with it. I realize that my generation played with pretty much only plastic and we all turned out fine, but I'm really not trying to argue, I swear.

Anyway, that said, we've found some pretty great options that Noah loves! A few of the brands we trust are: Hape, a Swiss company that makes wooden toys with non-toxic finishes, and are super cute and brightly coloured. Manhattan Toy also has some wood options with water-based, non-toxic paint. Haba is another great company, from Germany. I feel like European toy manufacturers have higher safety standards, for some reason. They actually care to list that a paint is water-based or mouth safe for teething babes.
Haba Toys

Manhattan Skwish Toy
Happy monkey.

You can kind of see his tooth is this picture!

Still, a toy is a toy, and if it's not interesting, a baby won't play with it, which is not the case here. Noah loves them, and can entertain himself for quite a while, shaking, gnawing, bashing, throwing, and chasing them. So I know for a fact that they are just plain old good toys, regardless.

He's also really into books for some reason. I think he knows that when they are around, mommy and daddy say cool things that sound good to his baby ears! He truly lights up when he's around any book.

Look at that earnest little face.

But mostly now he just wants to get into things that he wasn't able to access before he was mobile, so mommy has been quite tired as of late!

OMG I have my own personal cute baby gif!
Oh boy. We're in for it now!

Also, here are a few of 7 month old Noah's current favourite books:

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  1. Haba also makes some of the BEST kids board games too. Check it out for when mini Mokey is a wee bit older. Yay German ingenuity.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Reesey! I just looked it up and they have some very adorable things.xo