Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cue The Teething

What a terrible time to choose to wean Noah off his pacifier. He's already got one tooth, which wasn't too bad coming in, a bit of fussiness and discomfort, but okay over all. I used baby Advil on those really bad nights, but we got through it and now he's got a cute little tooth on the bottom! I have no idea why I thought we were home free after one tooth. I'm just delusional I guess, since a full set of teeth consists of 20 teeth.

He turns into a different baby when teething.
I noticed the other night when he was eating his pureed zucchini, that he would chew the spoon and start screaming. So to an outsider, it kinda looked like I was force feeding my baby and he was under duress. He was so eager to eat, but his little baby gums were all swollen. THIS MEANS I WAS TORTURING THE POOR KID THE OTHER NIGHT. He probably wanted that pacifier more than ever, but mean mommy didn't get the hint.

This second tooth has produced more high pitched screeching fits, too. The kind that make me want to rip my ears off and send me running to the bathroom so I can lock myself in it. You have to really want motherhood in order to survive it, and even then it's really hard!

Aside from drugs, we've got a few teething solutions that he's into: 1. Mommy's arm 2. Mommy's fingers 3. His fingers

No seriously, I have actually built a small, but effective teething arsenal that offers a different gum relief sensation:

1. Chewbeads Mulberry Teether 

These are cute beaded rings that are made of silicone, with two big, flat rings attached. He loves this thing, which is good, because I told him he had to since I paid $16 for it. 

2. Sophie the Giraffe and Sophie Giraffe teething ring

Sophie is his best friend when he's in pain. It's really cute how he'll just clutch her and never let go. It is the only toy he has never thrown from his stroller!*

3. RazBaby Raz-Berry silicone teether

It's basically a giant texturized pacifier. We like to stick in the freezer. Sometimes he likes it cold but sometimes he doesn't, so he just puts it down and comes back to it later.

4. Peppa Doudou 

This is Noah's security blanket bunny that his Auntie Natalie gave him! It has a hunk of wool inside it that is designed to pick up the scents of home, like mommy and daddy's scents, or just of our house. It's supposed to be comforting, especially if we go on trips. The little knobbly hands are awesome for chewing too, and makes it so much easier for him to grab and hang to.

*I recently discovered that natural rubber was, in fact, latex and that latex allergies are brought about by repeated exposure to it. (!!!) I have a latex allergy, which was probably brought on by my numerous dentist and ortho appointments I had to endure. I feel like I should try to limit Noah's exposure, but you know what? I'm sure it's fine. He hasn't exhibited any propensity for allergic reactions so far, thank goodness. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your gut, and my gut tells me not to sweat this one.

See? Told you it was a small arsenal, but all effective for us. One of my mommy friends said she loves using cold spoons and big carrots! So we'll definitely have to try that tomorrow. (Never a carrot shortage in this house.) What are your baby teething solutions? I'd love to hear them, post a comment below! 

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