Friday, August 23, 2013

The War on Pimples

When I was pregnant I had perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect nails, and I really did have that pregnant glow. (I'm annoying right?) It. Was. Awesome. In fact, I can recall exactly how many times I had a pimple: one. It was at the start of my 2nd trimester, and I'm pretty sure it was caused by the disgusting airplane air when we traveled back home to visit.

Let me just say that things change after you have the baby. A lot. I mean, there are the obvious things like the baby comes out, your boobs get huge cause of lactating, and things are kinda left... looser. Bleh. (OMG I'm talking about your belly skin.) And then after you stop breastfeeding, you get back on your regular cycle and get your period again. (double bleh) I used to get little pimples during that time of the month, usually around my chin, but now, after my first real menstrual cycle since last year, my skin got angry. I was attacked by a HUGE pimple that lasted pretty much the whole damn month, and other little stupid pimples all over my chin. WHY YOU TORMENT ME, HORMONES? It's so frustrating when your face hurts cause of zits and you feel ugly on top of it.

Anyhoodle, I finally got my skin back to normal, and I checked the calendar only to be reminded that Aunt Flo's visit is fast approaching again. Next week, in fact, if I'm on schedule. So today I decided to start the war on hormonal pimples! I'm not exactly sure if I will win this battle, but I'm going to try my best. Actually, I'm really proud of myself for even thinking ahead like this, instead of just waking up one day, horrified by a new growth.

Am I being superficial? No way, it's totally smart. Am I over-dramatizing this? Maybe a little. But it's fun to play with beauty products. :)

This is what my skin looks like now. You can see that I've got some congestion around my chin that I need to take care of, so that nothing escalates into clogged mountainous proportions, but mostly, things are good:

Mommies of babies have eye redness.
So my plan is to: not touch my face during the day, EVAR; drink tons of water to stay hydrated and hopefully be able to constantly flush the toxins out; try my best to eat clean, -no junk food, especially not delicious, delicious Doritos; and use my skincare arsenal:

The products I use are all natural, or at the very least, as non-chemical laden as I could find. Left to right in the pic are: Weleda's Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion, Befine's Exfoliating Cleanser, Yes to Tomatoes' Clear Skin Mask, Befine's Night Cream, Weleda's Almond Soothing Facial Lotion, and Alba Botanica's Acne-dote treatment gel. (you can get all of these on Amazon)

I need to go get myself some Boscia nose strips too, cause something is seriously up with my nose and its field of blackheads.

I've got my trusty Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System, but I think that it might be too harsh on my skin when I've got my period, if that makes sense. I will give you a skin update a week from now, hopefully I won't be too horrified to post a pic. ;)

So, what do you guys do when your skin breaks out? Do you have an anti pimple plan? Respond in the comment section below!

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  1. Same thing happened to me. Perfect skin pre and during pregnancy and then I broke out like a high school kid after I gave birth. Mind you, it wasn't like acne city or anything but I'd get like about 2 - 3 really big stubborn ones and every time I think one pimple is about to clear out, another new one is on its way to being born on my cheek or my chin or my nose. It was frustrating and de-moralizing.

    I tried everything -- from all sorts of over-the-counter meds to buying those portable laser light pimple thingies. I even went back on the birth control pill to see if it would do anything to clear up my skin. Nothing.

    So I finally caved and went to see a dermatologist. I am several prescription ointments (1 kind for the day; 2 at night) and I was my face with Spectro-gel. It's working now and my skin has cleared up and under control. I sometimes get the occasional period pimple but it promptly disappears for about a month.

    Whew. Yeah. Hormones suck.

    1. Do you find that the pimples would show up in almost the exact same spot, on a sort of rotational schedule? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? The prescriptions, -are they for daily use, or just when you feel like you might get a breakout?

  2. Yes, they do have a rotational schedule. And it's just really slow to disappear. Like super slow! That's what drives me crazy.

    And yes, the prescriptions (I have 4 in total; I use 2 in the daytime and I alternate between two other medications at night) are for daily use. It's a bitch but I have to do it. The one medication is really strong. It's discoloured my pillow cases and towels already. Ugh.