Friday, August 30, 2013

Mommy Time

Before Noah was born, I promised myself that I wouldn't forget about me. I knew that my love for him would be powerful and all-consuming, and I've seen mothers who just looked ravaged by motherhood. I did not want that. I still wanted to be able to do very basic things like shower and brush my teeth, but I also still wanted to be me. These are a few things that I said I would or wouldn't do, and I have pretty much stuck to it:

1. Don't leave the house wearing pajamas or yoga clothes (unless going to yoga).

2. Do your hair, even if it's a sleek pony or bun. But usually I blow dry it straight or wave it.

3. Always accessorize. When you do that, you look more put together and like you put some thought into your outfit, rather than looking like you ran out the door in a frazzled daze. (which is often the case!) It could be something as simple as throwing on a pretty necklace.

4. Never leave the house without makeup. I don't wear a ton of makeup, but I at least put on some BB cream and blush.

5. Pedicured toes. Don't you hate that intense, embarrassed feeling you get when you take your shoes off at someone's house and realize how gross your feet look? Yeah, I don't like that feeling.

6. Are you kidding?? Five things is enough! You need the rest of your brain cells to remember the 25 baby things you need to have and do before you leave the house.

Ok, so now that I've shared my "rules" with you, here are some shortcuts to making it happen:

1. Plan what you are going to wear the next day, the night before. Put it in a place that makes it easy to grab and put on.

2. Wash or do your hair the night before, but don't sleep right on it. If you're a back sleeper, it's easiest, because if you flip your hair back over your pillow, you don't get weird kinks in it, and it's kinda volumized in the morning! Also, dry shampoo is a mommy's best friend.

3. Have a few favourite, go-to accessories that you feel comfortable just throwing on. I kinda do it by weekly rotation, so I don't have to think too hard.

4. BB cream is awesome because it does everything you need in one smear. Moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, tint and bit of glow, all in one. Pat yourself down with some pressed powder, fluff some blush on and you look healthy and like you've slept well.

5. My sneaky trick is that when my polish chips, I just file it down or cut it off. This way, your toes don't look manky and sad. Mind you, this trick only works for about a month, but still, that buys you a lot of time.

Also, truly pamper yourself once in a while. Get your hair blown out, get a mani/pedi, or a nice massage. Us mamas deserve it!

*Disclaimer: I don't know if this works with more than one kid! :P

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