Monday, August 19, 2013


Noah started eating solids when he was around 5 months old, after I cleared it with his pediatrician first, of course. Sweet potato was his first real food and it definitely WAS NOT a hit (gagging and dirty looks ensued). Since then, we've tried rice cereal, oatmeal, and mostly store bought organic mixtures. One day I will make my own baby food, but I love how easy these little packets are and I keep getting coupons for them, which make them so inexpensive, that I really don't mind at all. He still drinks mostly formula, with one or two solid food meals a day. Honestly, it depends on his mood, sometimes he's just like, "Mommy, I am really not into that right now, go away so I can harass one of the bunnies."

We just got him a high chair based on the recommendation of one of my trusted mommy friends, and he seems to really like it now! We got him the Inglesina chair in Ibisco. It fastens perfectly to our Ikea dining table, and it feels sturdy and safe. Plus we have red accents everywhere, so it just made sense. I also love that it's so portable, it has its own built-in bag for when we want to take it to a restaurant!

It's less than 50 bucks on Amazon!

I always let him choose which spoon he wants to use, and our funny little boy always picks a different one for each meal! I'm not even kidding at all. He smiles really big when he sees the spoons, selects one, and then chews on it. For now, we are only using the silicone "flatware", but we'll graduate to metal and wood when he's ready.

Sometimes spoons double as back scratchers.

I think he may have chosen the green train spoon because it matches his outfit, what do you think? Anyway, on the menu today was Plum Organics Blueberry, Pear & Purple Carrot! His best friend Oliver likes this one too, I am told.

He liked it, even though he may not look like it here.

After he eats his few tablespoons of solid food, I still give him some formula afterwards or he will look at me like I robbed him of something near and dear to him. This kid has the most expressive face, I swear. Since he is still a little babe and formula is his main source of nutrition, Brendan and I decided to use only glass and stainless steel bottles for Noah. We're just not into plastic leaching toxic crap into his formula. Plus these Pura stainless steel bottles are great because you can convert them into sippy cups too, -you just add a sippy attachment instead of a nipple. I love them and highly recommend them! He prefers to drink his formula lying down, so he usually gets whiny until I take him out of the chair and put him on the ground with his bottle. Silly monkey!

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