Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Like, Woah

I just had one of those moments where you think about your life and it makes you feel kinda trippy. I realized that in my head, I have two lives. One in Seattle, where I am wife and mommy Lilibeth. Another in Toronto, where I am single girl in the city Lilibeth. In less than two weeks those two lives are going to converge, and I'm not sure I can wrap my mind around it for some reason.

I certainly can't imagine what it must be like for our friends and family who haven't seen us since Noah was born. We left with a barely perceptible baby bump and are coming back with a toddler. WTF. It's just bananas.

Or maybe it's just me and I'm thinking too much, like I always do.

Either way, I AM EXCITED. Our bed is completely covered in what looks like detritus, but is actually a carefully laid out smorgasbord of what we will need over the Christmas break. Packing was a lot easier before I had a little man plucking things out of the suitcase that I had just placed there 30 seconds before. It drives me crazy but it's just so darned cute!

Also, I apologize in advance to everyone who gets a crappy Christmas present from us. I tried, but it's hard to find really small, light things that are also amazing.

Today, we practiced for our Canada trip by walking around in the freezing cold. Seattle is getting us ready by showing Noah frost and cold, dry air. I think he likes it!

Random gratuitous photo of Small Human (Eliza Truitt Photography)

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