Friday, December 27, 2013

Back On the Grid

Today was alternately a great day and a crappy day. As you may have deduced from the fact that I am writing blog posts again, we've finally got power after five and a half days of cold and darkness! So: Woohoo!

Another reason to cheer is that I got to see my beautiful and pregnant friend Reese today, who I missed with the fierceness of a Filipino girl who hasn't eaten lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) in over a year.

Now comes the crappy part of my day. I missed my family and friends so much, which is why I took a hojillion pictures over the last week and a half. But when I tried to transfer my pictures from my camera to my laptop a couple hours ago, I accidentally deleted ALL OF THEM.

I won't go into details, but I think I made the whole family nervous with my sudden panic, shock, and sadness. A word to the wise: Do not freak out and cry in front of your baby, it scares them to see mommy lose control.

Anyway, I'm still sad but I have my memories, cheesy as that may sound. Brendan is out right now, but I'm hoping that he's got a lot of the same pics and videos that I had on my camera. Marzi, please send me your pics too! Ugh, sadness.

But hello everyone, it's nice to be back online! Luckily, I took these pictures with my phone tonight.

 Noah horsing around with his Poppa
Burning off holiday meals on the stairs

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