Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Presents For the Small Human

Noah has been feeling a bit cranky the past couple of days, and because of this, I got to witness a very serious little monkey. On more than one occasion today, he sauntered over to me with his hilarious John Wayne gait, locked eyes with mama, and seemingly stared straight into my soul. Sure, you think I'm bonkers, but I speak the truth.

This got me thinking about how much he's actually taking in and understanding now. He has always let me know when he's hungry as most babies do, only now he dances with joy when I go make him a bottle! He dances, chirps, and pats my leg happily. (OMG I love him so much.)

If he can comprehend what we are doing and he's now able to directly react and express feelings about our actions, will he understand Christmas presents? I certainly don't want to teach him that Christmas = presents, but I do want him to partake in the tradition, since his family does.

As a parent we want to give our children everything, but we can't exactly do that without repercussions. We still have to remember that we are raising people who need to be well-adjusted, functioning beings in society one day.

Then there are the practical things, like fitting huge toys in our apartment which is kind of a deal breaker. Either way, we're kinda off the hook this year anyway, because I am not going to lug things for Noah across the continent and back.

Sooo, we're going save the toys for his birthday in January, and he's getting a glockenspiel and one of those peg hammering toys! I am mildly terrified for my ears and feet. Can you imagine getting whacked on your bare foot by one of these??

Or we could save money and give him something from the kitchen cupboard.

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