Monday, December 9, 2013

Fashion is Fun

I admit that I have a really fun time dressing my Small Human. A few people have mentioned that dressing up boys isn't nearly as fun as dressing up girls, but I beg to differ! Girls clothes can be a little too frilly, fluffy, and cutesy for my taste, but boys clothes seem to fall into a more tasteful and normal category.

Teeny tiny sweaters and boots just slay me, I am obsessed with them, so I'm relishing Noah's winter wardrobe before he outgrows it all. He doesn't actually have a lot of clothing, but it's easy to mix and match and feel like he's got a ton of different outfits.

I also have a thing for dressing him like us. At first it was all accidental. I'd dress him and then choose an outfit for myself, unconsciously choosing the exact thing I just put my son in. Now, however, it's totally on purpose. Case in point:

Argyle cuties

Mommy & Baby Minnetonkas
I don't go 100% matchy-matchy (except for our matching navy blue pea coats), but I do like to compliment each other when I can. It's the silly little things that you need to take pleasure in day to day. Happy Monday, folks!

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