Friday, July 24, 2015

Mr. Sociable

Our kid is the total opposite of us. He talks to everyone, isn't shy, and loves attention. He's most definitely an extrovert because he doesn't like staying home, rarely to never asks to go home when we are out, and seems to really thrive on being around people.

This is not a bad thing of course, it's just funny how even though two introverts are raising him, he is still inherently who he is meant to be. We were at the Farmer's Market the other day, and instead of picnicking with momie, he kept wandering off and talking to people. Somehow, he was even able to have a lengthy conversation with one nice man on the park bench by us in his broken toddler English. I overheard them introducing themselves to each other, and talking about ice cream and cell phones and bugs. Then when his new friend left, he shimmied up to the father and daughter at the other end of the bench and smiled warmly at them. 

He cracks me up! At the grocery store yesterday, he told the cashier proudly that, "Noah make a poo and a pee in the potty". Then he proceeded to tell her that the train he was holding was named Mavis and that she was a diesel engine. I'm just in shock by how much he's talking and even more so by how much he knows. I often (like ten thousand times a day) get so frazzled and frustrated with his boundary testing, and obnoxious behaviour, and changing sleep habits, that it's nice to just be able to laugh and enjoy the funny parts of being a mom to a talkative toddler. 

Before I sign off for the weekend, I thought I'd share one of our funnier conversations of the week:

Momie: What did you learn about babies this week?
Small Human: Not hurt babies. Not kick babies. Not push babies.
M: Good boy, that's right.
SH: And not eat babies, mumum.
M: No, definitely don't eat babies, my love.
(I think he meant, don't hit babies!)

Have a great weekend!

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