Monday, July 6, 2015

First Day of Summer Camp

Monday morning started off as the usual potential gong show. Small Human made a huge mess of Tidbit's rabbit pellets all over the living room because he tried to help out by feeding her, but got most of the food all over the floor. The good news is, Brendan woke up first and served as damage control, if it were me I probably would've lost it. He also got into the rain boots, my wallet, his daddy's glasses and got his favourite trains stuck in my ironing board and the big Kitchen Aid mixer bowl. Oh and he broke my laptop, which is now completely off its hinge on one side. Still works fine though. Good times.

Today was also the first day of drop off summer camp. We got there mostly on time and with everything we were supposed to bring, so I totally feel like I'm winning and it's barely 10am. I thought at least one of us would be a blubbering mess (most likely me), but neither of us felt very emotional. There was a bit of a tantrum getting out of the car because we couldn't bring a toy onto the premises, but that quickly changed when we got inside. 

This place is like toddler heaven. There was a little slide, cool crafts, teeny tiny cubbies for all their teeny tiny backpacks, a reading nook, kitchen, big yard, and most importantly for our little guy: Thomas trains and train tracks! This kid is nothing like Momie, he is so independent and good in new places. It makes things like this absolutely more easy for me and his dad, that's for sure. We said goodbye and he didn't care, he had a huge smile on his face and was acting like we dropped him off at Disney World with his friends!

I can't believe we just dropped our first born off at summer camp, he isn't even two and a half yet. My heart is both aching a little, but soaring thinking about how much fun he's having and how free I will be three times a week. My big belly and I are looking forward to it.

My poor laptop


Happy man, dressed in yellow, of course

With his little bestie, Carmen

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