Wednesday, July 8, 2015


So far, I've had two days of kid-free mornings, and so far, I haven't done anything fabulous. Like, at all. I have to admit that it was super fun to vacuum the whole apartment on Monday without anyone riding the vacuum rodeo style; and washing the kitchen floor without an audience and play-by-play commentary was nice; all the family appointments have been made, quickly and quietly too. Today was even more banal: I filled the car's gas tank up and went to get my blood drawn at the lab for my glucose tolerance test. I'm really living it up.

Now I am enjoying my (hot) cup of coffee, with my feet up, on our balcony, enjoying the peace, and enjoying not having to be a mountainous railroad track for my toddler. Although who am I kidding? I actually love when he does that.

Small Human woke up ready and raring to go to summer camp at the crack of dawn, it was very sweet. I should count myself lucky that drop off is a breeze, and that he makes himself right at home as soon as we go in. He takes off his sunglasses and his shoes, smiles at everyone, and makes a beeline for the trains. Then he kinda sorta maybe gives me a wave goodbye. It makes me feel a little useless and lazy, but my job is done for the morning!

I vowed to do something relaxing for myself before the first week was through, so I booked a prenatal massage for this Friday. It's the last week of my second trimester and the aches and pains are starting to catch up to me, so I am sure it will be glorious.

Happy Hump day friends and family!

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