Monday, July 20, 2015

Day Out With Thomas

I have never been so tired in my life. I managed to procure exactly three tickets to The Northwest Railway Museum's "Day Out With Thomas", a sold out event. Small Human is currently completely obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and all his buddies and nemeses, so I knew this would be a major hit. Well, he definitely enjoyed himself and there were lots of cool activities to partake in, but holy bananas on trees, was it a hot day. It was 97 degrees over in Snoqualmie, and in case you haven't already deduced: being 7 months pregnant in nearly 100 degree heat and blazing hot sun with a toddler, equals the recipe for exhaustion, irritability, and potentially heat stroke.

We survived though, and much fun was had despite the extreme weather and the tantrum-y toddler. Who can throw a tantrum while eating a delicious ice cream and waiting to board the Thomas the train himself, you may ask? Our little man. In all fairness, no one likes waiting in line, and I probably would've thrown a tantrum too if I was two and a half. He loved riding the train though, and playing with the elaborate Thomas train sets, getting a special Thomas tattoo (that he was talking about getting all morning), meeting Sir Topham Hat, and a particularly special treat from mumum and dada at the end of the day: a brand new Spencer toy.

All in all, the day was a great success. I really wanted to do this with just the three of us, while he still loves Thomas and it might even be part of his first memories of childhood. Maybe he will remember this and maybe he won't, but I'm glad we were able to attend and have a good time. I'm also really glad I didn't pass out and die. Have a great week, everyone!

Clutching his Diesel 10

Diesel 10 is his favourite even though he's the bad guy

Enjoying the super cool Tidmouth Sheds

Meeting Sir Topham Hat

Throwing a tantrum in line

Happy boy riding Thomas up to Snoqualmie Falls

The real life, talking "big Thomas" that we rode

Admiring his cool new tattoo :)

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