Monday, July 13, 2015

Tough Night and Big Birthdays

Sunday night was a rough one for us. Small Human kept waking up and strangely, asking for me and not his daddy. No matter how many times I tried though, he just would not stay asleep, so I had to grab my arsenal of pregnancy pillows and sleep on the floor of his room with him. This finally did the trick, but I woke up at 4am with my usual full bladder and an ache in my ribs. I moved back into my bed, but we were all up two hours later anyway, and I was treated to a very painfully intense Charley horse, which I only get during pregnancy.

Then after that drama, we ended up sleeping in! On a summer camp day, no less, so the morning was a super rushed 15 minutes of fast diaper and pajama changes while downing a smoothie and rushing out the door. I'm so glad it's barely a ten minute drive from our house (downhill too). Hopefully, little man will still have a good day. I warned his teachers about our night, but he seemed really happy on our drive and when I dropped him off, so I guess I'm not too worried. I did however, forget to apply his sunscreen, but it's kind of an overcast day, so I'm hoping he'll be fine. He's got my easily tanning skin and not his dad's easily burning skin, at least. Of course, as soon as I write that, the sun comes out! Ugh, what a Monday.

Today is a special day though, nonetheless, because it's my daddy's birthday. Happy birthday daddy, we will Skype you later after nap! xoxo

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