Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yeah, Yeah, Every Pregnancy Is Different

Alright, I am well aware that every pregnancy is different, and that women tend to show a lot sooner with each subsequent pregnancy. I am also aware that symptoms and cravings vary wildly with each woman. And I am aware that I am positively humongous. I GET IT, SHUT UP ALREADY.

Not a single day goes by that someone doesn't ask me when I'm due. I can understand this coming from friends I haven't seen since becoming pregnant, but I'm talking about strangers here, like every cashier in the city and people in the street. My theory is that they are asking me because I physically look like I'm going to give birth any second. I'm waddling, and my belly comes out so far that I have to move my seat back first before I get out of my car or I will get stuck behind the steering wheel. Seriously.

I went to have my blood draw for my glucose tolerance test yesterday, a test usually done between 24 and 28 weeks, and at 26 and a half weeks, I was the only one who looked enormously pregnant. In fact, I was kind of confused when people arrived and announced to the receptionist that they were there for their glucose test. Where were everyone else's big, round tummies?!

Ugh, this is just something that I needed to get off my chest. It's not really a big deal, just a bit of a thorn in my hugely pregnant side. Thank you Internet, for letting me bitch and moan sans judgement (for the most part). My big tummy is full of a happy, healthy, super kicky little man that I can't wait to meet, so I'm still really, really happy. It's just one of the many differences between this pregnancy and my first.

Differences Between My Pregnancies:

  • My wedding rings don't fit me this time around, even though I gained much more weight with Small Human. They even fit me when I was swollen with various fluids after delivery!
  • Strangers ask me when I'm due, every damn day.
  • Nobody has been speaking to me in Spanish this time, for some reason. Everyone did last time.
  • I was a much more flamboyant dresser last time, now I prefer neutrals and plain stripes. With Small Human I was sporting big, bright florals and leopard prints.
  • I could still get around town on foot the first time. This is nearly impossible now with a stroller AND my pregnant body. The random Seattle 90 degree summer isn't helping with that either.
  • I craved junk food so much more last time, and just regular good food this time with occasional treats. 
  • I can't eat much at meals with this baby before I start to feel full to the point of exploding.

Things are very different, but even with all my belly aching, I would totally do it again. Have a happy Thursday!

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