Friday, June 26, 2015

My Heart Is Breaking

It has been pretty evident for some time now that Small Human is no longer a baby. However, he still speaks like a baby and is amused by things a cat would be entertained by, so I figured we were still good and had a while to go before letting go of his littleness.

The first heartbreak came at bedtime, where he no longer wants to be carried into his bedroom, he just walks into his room, gets right into bed after story time, asks for a couple lullabies, and goes to sleep on his own.

I have been spared from this at nap time though, because he still likes to snuggle-sleep on Momie, but it's getting more and more uncomfortable for both of us cause of my ever growing tummy. This afternoon he proclaimed it to be nap time, waved at me holding his Thomas train, and got into his little bed. I just about cried, my heart hurt so much. Kids grow up though, I just didn't anticipate these first few years to fly by quite as quickly as they did.

Today however, I was spared by Time when I heard his bedroom door open, and little feet shuffle out and down the hallway towards me. "Fweep on mumum", said my little boy sleepily, and I happily obliged. Stay little a while longer, my sweet love, Momie's heart can't take it.

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