Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Yes it's true, we seem to have a sleepwalker. It doesn't happen everyday, but three times in the last week, our Small Human opened our bedroom door, wandered in, and went to sleep on his tummy, twice on the floor in the hallway, once in our room. I woke up one morning to the sound of heavy breathing coming from the floor, only to find a cute little munchkin in a sleep sack, peacefuly passed out. I'm not really worried about it because I have to deal with so many other things from my son in one day, but it makes you wonder what's going on in that growing brain of his.

Right now we are dealing with periodic sleepwalking, 5 o'clock wake ups, 6 o'clock wake ups, and stalling for later bedtimes, which contributes to all of the aforementioned things. Here is a list of things my son has done, and it's only Tuesday:

  • walked down the playground slide, slipped, fell on his face, and gave himself a bloody nose 
  • while ready to go outside, jacket and all, he decided to climb into the bathtub to pour half a bottle of bubble bath on himself
  • he went behind my back and put toys in the washing machine
  • spilled a whole cup of coffee at a friend's house
  • punched me in the face (different from last week's head butting incident)

Being a mother to a toddler isn't easy, but at least it's not boring. All of that, on top of his tantrums, toddler negotiations, making meals for everyone, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning out Tidbit's kennel and pen, laundry, classes, play dates, working out, and birthday party planning. I'm a little tired. Happy Tuesday. xoxo

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