Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Small Human is Two

Over the weekend we celebrated our Small Human's second birthday and it was truly a good time. Successful toddler parties consist of happy toddlers (7 of them!) and cake, so it was definitely a good one. Planning parties is my favourite thing of life, so now I am feeling some serious party planning withdrawal sadness. I wanted this year's theme to be airplanes and hot air balloons, and I think my little guy was pleased with it. I'm sure he would've been totally happy if we had just set a bowl of chips down in the middle of the living room, but this was was much more fun for Momie.

I made the cake myself once again, and mini cornbread muffins with hot dogs baked into them. All the food was toddler friendly of course, so there were chicken nuggets, chips, bananas, grapes and chocolate milk. The party favours were chocolate pops in the shape of 2's with a little airplane on them, and I am happy to say that he actually wore his birthday crown for five full minutes over the course of the afternoon. Winning! Here are some pics:

*Special thanks to Heather Maddock for telling me about these crowns, and Eric Paradis for buying Small Human the #2 candle. <3 Everything's from Etsy and Paper Source.

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