Monday, January 12, 2015

Date Night and a Great Weekend

It was a rainy but wonderful January weekend for us here in Seattle. Wonderful mostly because of good friends who were kind enough to watch Small Human while Brendan and I could have some alone time outside the house. We didn't do anything extravagant, just grabbed a bite to eat and watched The Theory of Everything. We even got to have some frozen custard afterward. It sounds so simple and banal but it was a very welcome break for this pair of toddler parents who rarely get to do what they want anymore, let alone get to do it alone. Thank you, Other Wilsons, for the kind gift! I really, really, really miss dating my husband.

We also attended an awesome birthday party for two year old twin girls that are nine days older than Small Human. That means next weekend is our turn!  My little guy turns two this Friday and I am so happy and shocked by it. Babyhood went by too quickly and now toddlerhood is flying by too. I guess there's nothing else I can do but try to enjoy every day with my little boy while he's still little.

Alright, this weekend wasn't entirely wonderful, if I'm going to be honest. On Friday afternoon I was head butted in the nose by my very excited son, which caused my nose to spray blood. I was certain I would have a black eye but was thankfully spared the unsightly badge of mom honour. I feel like I'm the only one this happens to, why is that?!

Happy Monday!

It's really warm in Seattle today

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