Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Please, Just Be Kind to Me

I'm totally that mom you see, walking to her car with a wriggling, screaming toddler tucked under one arm, car keys and humongous heavy bag on the other, and a strained smile on her face. I'm smiling because I'm scared that if I am grimacing, you will think I'm some kind of child abuser.

No, I can't control my kid, perhaps you would like to try? Yes, I am very, very, very embarrassed right now. I am trying my best not to disturb the world with our screaming and struggling. I am pretending to be strong and stoic.

Thank you to all the people who just smile knowingly at me or say some kind and encouraging words. I think we all underestimate how important it is to be nice to strangers, but you choosing to smile at us instead of giving us a dirty look, makes my day every single time.

My little boy is strong-willed and rambunctious, and I wouldn't change him for anything, but some moments/hours/days are truly hard for me, especially when the hard parts happen in front of people. So please be nice to the frazzled (or maybe seemingly calm) mom with her kid who is screaming and crying hysterically. It's probably a lot harder for her than it is for you, and she'd probably be very grateful for your smile.


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