Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Talking Thing

I can't believe how worried I was about Small Human's verbal skills, and I think that was largely because most of his friends that he sees on a regular basis are toddler girls. Boys tend to master the more physical things while girls start to get excellent with language. Small Human walked at 9.5 months and has ridiculously amazing finger dexterity and general physical precision, but didn't speak real words for what felt like forever.

It certainly isn't because we don't talk to him constantly, or sing and read to him. Momie is a blabber mouth and a half, and we have 80 million books, and it has finally paid off. He went from speaking gibberish to trying sentences. The words he does speak aren't just him mimicking us, he actually knows what they mean! I am completely flabbergasted. It also feels good to stop worrying for once. Plus it takes out a lot of the guesswork now. Having him communicate, "Mum-mum, kakaaaa!" or "Eat smoothie!" or "Wash hands!" makes my life so much easier. It is also super hilarious when he burps and turns to me to announce, "Burp!".

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! Or happy Wednesday and Thursday to the Canadians! xoxo

Eliza Truitt Photography

Eliza Truitt Photography

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