Friday, November 7, 2014

Whiny Happy

Despite all my complaining about yucky weather, annoying people, and not enough Me time, I realize that I am actually a pretty happy person. Nobody can be perfectly content 100% of the time, no matter what your Instagram newsfeed suggests. The fact is, every mother deals with disgusting bodily explusions in all states of matter, exhaustion, and the pressure to be the best mom/woman/person/wife you can be. So much expectation, even though you are mainly subsisting on your kid's food scraps and lukewarm coffee.

The Small Human and I got caught in the rain yesterday morning before nap. It started out as the usual light, yet somehow drenching Seattle mist, and quickly turned into a solid downpour. Had I been wearing my brand new suede booties, I may have been less amiable, but I wasn't. Small Human was in full rain gear so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, running back to our house and giggling hysterically. He loves it when mommy shrieks, so I kept yelling, "Eeee we're getting wet!" which made him throw his little head back, laughing the hugest toddler belly laughs!

As a parent, all we want is for our children to be healthy, happy, and be allowed to reach their full potential. There's no secret recipe for happiness or perfection, you just have to be ok with living life the best way you know how. Also, I highly recommend getting soaked in the pouring rain with your loves. It was literally and figuratively cleansing.

Have a lovely weekend.

Today's a sunny fall day, though.

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