Wednesday, November 19, 2014

22 Month Favourites

Holy bananas, my son is almost two. I have no idea how that went by so quickly. He was in my body and then he came out, a bunch of stuff happened and we were tired, and then he turned one and now somehow almost two. WHAT? He's almost at the point where he will start to have his very earliest memories. No pressure or anything.

Here are just a few of Small Human's current favourite things as a boy of almost two:

Fire Chief Hat

This is the best $5 I ever spent on my kid. We were checking out the new Goodwill here in our neighbourhood when I spotted a cool Fireman's helmet. It was just before Halloween so we got lucky. Small Human almost never takes this thing off. At this point it is basically held together with half a roll of clear packing tape. I bought a backup one just in case because I know how much he loves it.

Hatley Yellow Rain Boots

Sadly, his cute blue Crocs rain boots are much too small for him now. He wore them every day and it broke my heart when he would get frustrated at not being able to get his feet into them anymore. I tried buying new ones in a bigger size but I missed the buy-1-get-1 half off memo and they all sold out just as he outgrew his old ones. It's alright though because I found these super adorable Hatley rain boots for 20% off on Amazon and he loves them. I guess boots are boots.

Leslie Patricelli Books

If you have a toddler, you're probably familiar with these books featuring a cute little bald baby and simple text. I thought they were really silly and boring but they somehow really appeal to the two and under set. They're actually really great because they teach toddlers what sort of behaviour is appropriate in the life they know and live.

Max & Ruby Books

I'm not sure if Small Human likes these books because they are about a little boy rabbit and girl rabbit, and we used to have a boy and girl rabbit in our house, but he loves them! We inherited our first one from some friends back home and I have since gotten him two more. The stories are very simple and hilarious, and I don't mind reading them to him when he comes up to me and says, "Here! Read please, Mumum!" about 27 times a day.

Next time around I think I will post an updated fall/winter Lilibeth's Favourites List, because lists appeal to my sense of organization. Happy Hump Day!

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