Thursday, November 13, 2014

No Plans!

There are very few things that I don't truly delight in nowadays. Something as simple as my husband fixing the "H" key on my laptop ranks very highly on making my day great. A calm toddler, happily playing with toys at home while listening to music is another one. I'm sure every mother can relate, especially those with the hyper, untamed, feral beast types of children like mine can be.

One of my most favourite things in the world now is to see is a completely empty day on my calendar. Life is always full of toddler activities, play dates, walks, post office visits, dry cleaning pick-ups, grocery runs, drug store searches, shopping trips, playing in the park, toddler gyms, library time, museums, aquariums, and lunch dates and coffee dates.

I love it, but it gets exhausting. So when I get a day like today with nothing whatsoever on the docket, I feel like prancing around the house like a pony. No commitments, no schedule, just spontaneous fun.

What's even better is that Brendan and I both get our Me time tonight, him outside the house and me inside. I'm going to put Small Human to bed early and get as wild as one can with a toddler sleeping in the other room, which probably means some Grimm and Doctor Who and pedicure action. Maybe with a cup of tea and Christmas Tree Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? I am in heaven already. Happy Thursday!

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