Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Coats: Buttons Are Dumb

I've got this gorgeous, classic navy blue J. Crew pea coat that I adore. It is so pretty that I wait all year to be able to wear it again. However I don't recommend that you buy one if you have a toddler. In just one weekend, I had two buttons pop off it from having to pick up and carry the Small Human. Who in the world has the time to sew buttons (plural) on a coat? And who has the time to find a button in a sea of leaves or snow while wrangling a child? Please, just stay away from coats with buttons to save your sanity, at least until the kids are older.

As for Small Human's winter wear this year, I decided to take advantage of a big sale at the end of the summer and was able to score his awesome coat for 40% off on the Carter's website. I am so impressed with it so far, I'm pretty sure it would keep him warm even through a Quebec winter, so it's certainly more than he needs for a Seattle one.

I purchased the 4-In-1 Heavyweight System Jacket for him from Carter's in the grey. It is so warm and really adorably stylish. You can just wear the outer heavy parka which is pretty warm, but you can also add the microfleece inner jacket that zips and velcros into it to make it extra cozy on the days you need heavy duty warmth. The inner jacket is reversible and can also be worn by itself as a fall shell. The hood is roomy enough for my son's big noggin', and stays put cause the zipper zips up super high if necessary.

I honestly can't say enough good things about this coat. It's the perfect coat for toddlers who like to play outside!

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