Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Singles Movie Remake Starring Small Human

Just kidding, he's still a bit young, but maybe in 25 years! I did, however, discover that the building where they filmed the movie is a mere five blocks from our apartment, and we've only passed by it hundreds of times without realizing it. So naturally, we went to go see it and took a few pictures.

He is way cuter than Matt Dillon in my opinion.
Singles 1992
Since the building was across the street from a park (and the community centre where I learned to drive), we set Small Human loose there to burn off some of his endless toddler energy.

In my son's hat with a giant, well deserved latte

On Sunday I was able to thoroughly clean the house and do all our laundry for the week, so we treated ourselves to a big fried chicken Wilson dinner at Hi-Life in Ballard. Yes, we actually have good friends in Seattle who are also Wilsons with a toddler, what are the chances?! We had a lovely time where everyone understood that sometimes toddlers order hamburgers and don't eat them, or take their shoes and socks off at the dinner table just because. We followed that delicious meal up with some seriously decadent dessert at Hot Cakes. I ordered the molten s'mores cake with a side of vanilla ice cream. OMG stop it, it was so good, I still dream about it.

It was a great weekend, and I am already looking forward to the next one. This has been a kinda hard week for me but I'm getting through it, and everyone's alive and healthy, so there's that. Almost there.

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