Wednesday, December 31, 2014


New Year's Eve always makes me feel so nervous, like there is an unbelievable pressure to make the coming year the best one you've ever lived. This is the year we have to win Oscars and Pulitzers and Nobel Peace Prizes. Plural. The only year I didn't feel this way was the end of 2012 and I was (supposedly, but he was 9 days late) a week away from delivering Small Human. There was no pressure because I knew exactly what I had in store for me for 2013 and to some extent, 2014.

2015 seems heavier. First, 15 is one of my lucky numbers so I have high expectations, and second I had wanted to expand our family this year though our first attempt didn't go as planned. Heavy. However, no matter what way you spin it, it's a new beginning and those are always welcome blessings.

We decided to start Small Human's 2015 with a fresh new haircut! He is two and a half weeks away from turning two and still barely has enough hair to cover his cute little noggin. He was starting to look like Beetlejuice in the back so we had it trimmed, and it doesn't look too different just more polished. He had a great time at the hair salon though, and really didn't want to leave! The back is shorter but we kept his "bangs" aka comb over.

Happy New Year friends and family! May 2015 bring you heaps of awesome! xoxo See you on the other side.

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