Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ugh Sick

Le Small Human has had a cold since Monday, and as of yesterday I am sick too. I'm feeling a little cloudy in the brains department but not deathly ill. It still royally sucks though. There has been a lot of tv watching, couch snuggles, and we've gone through two boxes of tissues and a whole pack of grape Boogie Wipes so far.

The Little is doing much better today, but I am still battling. It's pretty cute cause he keeps dancing for me and just being a ham. Even better though, is that right now he is quietly sitting on the couch reading by himself, with a bottle of water and bopping his head to some music. THIS NEVER HAPPENS, I need it so badly, thank you!

But then your life gets even better because a friend drops by to bring you latkes. Day. Made. Excuse me while I do my latke dance and stuff my face. Happy Thursday!

Thank you Shira & Aziza!

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