Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Santa Claus Village

Last year by happenstance, we ended up seeing the kitschy Space Needle Santa Claus for Small Human's first Santa photo, and what with it being our little Seattleite's first Christmas it seemed fitting. This year we went with a more classic Santa. One of our pretty outdoor malls here features a little Santa house and a Santa that has a real beard! (Woah) So a few of us mama friends trucked our toddlers over to meet him and get a picture with the famous big guy in red.

Small Human wasn't into Santa at all. He definitely did better than I ever did, but he refused to be distracted or made to smile, and one thing was for certain: He wasn't about to let go of Momie or his Goldfish crackers. So here we are together in his second Santa photo of life. Look at how terrified he looks! After this though, while I chose a photo and paid for it, he and Santa played with cars on the floor and he liked that very much. I gotta say that I really appreciate how this Santa seemed to genuinely like children.

For you Seattle mamas, The U-Village Santa was $38.95 plus tax for one digital high resolution file. There are printed photo options available as well.

Look mommy & daddy, my first picture with Santa! (only took 35 years) 

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