Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unconditional Love Barf

I have known the definition of unconditional love for quite some time now. It is a term often used when new parents talk about the incredibly deep emotions they feel for their children, so it has become somewhat hackneyed and cheapened in the parenting world. It's basically considered super cheesy and will probably induce several eye rolls.

It means nothing to say the words "unconditional love". Words just don't cut it, the only way it can truly be conveyed is through actions and feelings. So what is unconditional love to Lilibeth?

Yesterday, I turned my back for 20 seconds only to find that my Small Human had climbed up onto the dining table and was busy stuffing my roasted almonds into his face. Nuts are one of those OMG-don't-feed-them-to-your-toddler-they're-choking-hazard foods, so I panicked a bit, but he seemed to be handling them just fine. Also, he's such a picky eater that I wasn't going to stop him from choosing to eat something outside his comfort zone.

Everything seemed fine, he washed them down with a cup of milk, and then I asked for a kiss which he always willingly gives, and then proceeded to gag. "Great, my kid gags when he kisses me!" I thought. Then the gags turned into coughs and then full on vomit. I think some almond pieces got stuck in the back of his throat like almonds tend to do and he wasn't used to it, so he ended up barfing out the cup of milk he just drank.

There was vomit on his face, hands, feet and chest, and the only thing he wanted to do was press his tiny, vomit covered body, safely into momie and cry. He even wrapped his tiny vomity fingers around my hair. It took all the strength that I had not to barf, myself. That's when the thought occurred to me: This is what unconditional love is. It isn't some romantic, beautiful notion. It's hugging someone completely covered in sour, stinking puke because they need to be held by you, and you don't give it a second thought.

If you care to read this one day my Small Human, please know that this is how much momie loves you!

Happy hump day. xoxo

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