Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Wednesday

Hi everyone, I wanted to make sure you all knew that we are alive and well, but very busy having a good time back home in Toronto. Brendan and I were discussing our awesome trip back and we both came to the conclusion that while it's wonderful to go home and see all the people we love in a city that we miss, it really feels less like vacation and more like a press junket. We're constantly on the go, going on tour, and making the rounds. It's the best thing ever, but beyond exhausting.

The Small Human has been doing so well with all the different faces and places. He's eating well, napping (a little less well), and sleeping through the night like a champ. He's been really great on this trip and having fun being loved by everybody!

Today we are taking a road trip to my home town of Montreal, which is a 5 hour drive from Toronto. We're going to have to make a few more stops than we normally would, so that the little man can stretch his legs and run around, but I think it'll be alright. This time we are equipped with my cousin's iPad Air and a seat mount, for emergency Sesame Street sanity-saving.

Mostly, I'm stoked about getting to see my little boy in the house I grew up in, playing in the parks I played in, and eating my beloved and delicious Montreal foods! It'll be a nostalgia explosion for Momie, and I really can't wait.

Thank you so much Toronto family and friends for a wonderful whirlwind visit. We truly had a blast and already can't wait for the next time. xoxo

Nana & Papa's 65th wedding anniversary party

Seeing his first roller coaster
At the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition)

My & my Tita Nini

Tzatziki and Cinnamon Bun?! 

Just a few of the Reyes Cousins :) Shenanigans!

At Nonna's house

With Nonno and Dada

Playing hide & seek!

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