Monday, August 18, 2014

19 Month Favourites

OMG my baby is 19 months old. In my head, he stopped aging at 6 months old, which makes me certain that even when he's 35, he will still be my baby when I look at him. These are a few of the things he's really into right now. His top favourite thing is exploring outside though and I'd have to agree, you can't really beat that when the world is brand new to you!


Children love to do what the people they look up to the most do, and Small Human sees us using our laptops, cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry a lot. We try to include him in everything, but using Momie and Dada's laptops are out of the question (see last week's post), so we got him his own toy laptop. It was an instant hit, and he still plays with it even though it's a month old. That is impressive in the toddler world. As a mom, I like that it actually seems helpful with learning the alphabet and phonics and word/picture association. It even has a music option if you just wanna rock out to some tunes.

Henry Helps Books

At the library we recently discovered a series of books geared towards toddlers called the "Henry Helps" books. It's all about a toddler named Henry and how he likes to help with the family chores like feeding the dog, doing the laundry, etc. They are very simple stories with adorable illustrations that are meant to show young ones how to behave and what is expected of them. There are also helpful tips for parents on the back, which I appreciate.

Silicone Sippy Lid

I found these Siliskin Silicone sippy tops that can fit over small sized glass cups. I use them on our mini Mason jars to turn them into drinking glasses for Noah. He loves them of course because it makes him feel like a big boy, and we don't have to worry about using plastic. Plus Mason jars are pretty durable, especially with silicone covering the most fragile part -the lip. There's a bit of a learning curve with getting these on, so I suggest using them with just water first if you have butter fingers.


Small Human is obsessed with buckles that snap together. He loves playing with his Dada's helmet and messenger bag buckles. It's gotten to the point where he will be happily silent for 30 minutes just trying to fasten them and unfasten them over and over. He doesn't have this kind of attention span for anything else. Thank you buckles!
Enjoy your week everyone, I'm not sure how much I will be around, as we are getting ready to go on vacation and things are piling up and getting crazy. xoxo

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