Friday, August 15, 2014

Slowly Going Crazy

Living life with a hyper toddler is really starting to get to me. I am seriously losing my marbles over here. I can't really complain, because it means I have a healthy and happy little boy but it also means I am one tired Momie.

Several times a day he likes to climb up onto the dining table if I happen to walk out of his sight for more than five seconds. While on the table he likes to: A. Dance B. Swing the pendant light C. Rip my shift key off my laptop keyboard D. Spill water E. Laugh maniacally and dance some more.

Right now he's holding a metal pizza tray and banging on it with Dada's shoehorn like a one man marching band. It is giving me a headache but again, he is so happy! Other things that drive me crazy are coffee table surfing (our coffee table wobbles, which makes it extra fun), t.v. kissing, smashing the blinds by throwing balls at them, scaling the baby gate, and terrorizing sweet little Tidbit and Toby.

I have knots in my shoulders from bending down and picking him up and chasing and trying to admonish a little person who doesn't want to listen. We've done one crib time-out so far, I've discovered that yelling doesn't work, and neither do wrist slaps. He has also taken to screaming impatiently for things that he wants. With that though, he seems to respond to reasoning at least.

What's funny is that when I tell people these stories, it's like they're not listening to me, and at the end of our conversation will ask, "So when are you having another?". I'm flattered people think I can handle another one, but right now I feel like I want to sleep for a year.

I have to go now because someone wants me to pick him up and dance with him, so I wish you all a relaxing, stress-free and happy weekend. xoxo

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