Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moms Just Wanna Have Fun

Whether you are a toddler, a grade-schooler, a teenager, or twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty something and beyond, sometimes you still feel like a girl that just wants to have fun. There may be times when you forget to have fun, are too exhausted to have fun, or don't have time to schedule fun, but I think the general consensus is that fun is necessary.

Yesterday was a bit like Christmas in August for me because Brendan was going to come home early so that I could go out for dinner with my friends and watch a movie. I haven't been to the movie theatre since actual Christmas 2013, which is the oddest thing in the world to me since I used to love watching films regularly. I worked in a movie theatre for years, so every time I go is kind of like a trip back in time, revisiting my awesome early adulthood.

The dinner and my company were excellent, as always, and the movie (Boyhood) put me in both a morbid and hopeful state of mind simultaneously. I won't go into detail about the psychological state the movie put me in, but I can say that a break from my usual toddler dinner and bedtime routine was most welcome. I am happy to report that we did, indeed get to have some much needed fun, sans babies!

Proof of said fun, complete with Canadian ketchup chips!


  1. Sounds like such a fun night! I haven't heard of boyhood, but am going to look it up now :) Love that pic too, you look gorgeous xx

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    1. Sweet, lovely Louise, thank you so much! I will for sure be checking out that awesome giveaway! ;)