Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prepped & Ready?!

Few things stress me out more now than airplane travel. You'd think that by now, after what feels like one million flights later, I would be confident about it, but Small Human keeps stepping up his mobility game. Long gone are the days of showing up at the airport, perfectly coiffed and ready for a flight home. Maybe even in heels. You have your ear buds, light snacks, neck pillow and teeny tiny carry-on suitcase that some nice man will probably lift into the overhead compartment for you. Easy breezy.

Now it feels like I am packing for an epic, Oregon Trail, cross country road trip by horse and buggy. I'm ready for: Poop-mageddon, Pee-mageddon, Scream-aggedon, Cry-mageddon, and Bored-mageddon. God help me if there's a Whine-mageddon cause ain't nobody prepared for that. We'll have a travel stroller with us, a travel crib, huge diaper/toy bag, insulated lunch bag, my giant purse, and two suitcases. Oh and the child, of course.

We've got it down to a fine art, and I have a good feeling that things will go well at the airport, even though so many things could go wrong with the execution and with the volatile toddler. I'm mostly worried about the five hour plane ride. He's going to want to run all over the plane, climb on people, steal their things, spill drinks and basically expend all that energy he's used to expending.

OMG, I have twenty-four hours to turn myself into a zen human being. Happy Thursday.

A rare zen moment for Small Human

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