Monday, August 4, 2014

So Long, Hair

The last five years I had been obsessed with growing out my hair. This is because five years ago I got engaged and started to plan my wedding, and everyone told me that I had to grow out my pixie haircut before then. So I did, and I hadn't stopped growing my hair out since. 

When I was pregnant with Small Human, my hair grew nearly a full inch a month, and it still grows quickly because I never stopped taking those awesome prenatal vitamins. It got to the point where I had over two feet of hair! I'm only 5'3" so it kinda looked like a cape, but I loved it. Well, I'm over it now, and decided to chop it off into a long bob (LOB) this weekend.

I love it! I still feel like I have tons of hair, except it doesn't get stuck underneath me when I sleep, or get caught in my armpits (gross). I do miss my bun though, but that's ok, I'll just give it a couple of months. ;)

Happy Monday!

Trying to look natural while someone is smashing my calf with a Jack-in-the-Box 

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