Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Crazy Lady Waddling

Being pregnant is simultaneously weird and wonderful. You vacillate between feeling like an empowered force who is the bringer of new life, to being a weeping, pitiful mess for not getting your chicken McNuggets because MacDonald's was closed for the night. That's right, on Sunday night I wept over fast food chicken. Like, a lot.

Feeling ecstatic and miserable at the same time is not unusual, and can often make a pregnant lady (and the people around her) feel insane. It's okay to feel like you're crazy, but it's good to try to bring yourself back to reality with some kind of anchor. My anchor is list making. If I can quickly glance at a list, I can make sense of what's awful and what's wonderful, and snap myself out of my funk.

The Crappy Stuff:

Mood swings
Varicose veins
Round ligament pain
My gross double chin
Getting winded easily
Starting to waddle
Having trouble getting in and out of my car already

The Awesome Stuff:

Baby kicks
Super cute belly
Random food cravings
Amazing boobs
Nice nails, hair and skin
No-guilt naps
Prenatal massages
Stretchy maternity clothing
People are 50% nicer to you
Feeling powerful and womanly
Getting excited about meeting my baby
Baby kicks

Alright, it seems like the bad very slightly outweigh the good right now, but honestly, it's completely worth it and I wouldn't change a thing. Well, I would change the nausea, but I'd still rather be pregnant than not pregnant! It's totally okay to blame it all on the hormones. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

Look at this big boy!

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